Kinetic Attraction – My Review Of Adam Lyon’s New System

Kinetic Attraction is a new and fully comprehensive program that shows guys how to use the scientifically proven, unconscious body language signals that signify and generate almost primal attraction in women.

If the principles are applied as Adam teaches and demonstrates (on his hot girlfriends no less), will result in women approaching you with zero risk of rejection.

Find out more by watching this short video..

Now that is quite a claim, but after going through all of the training myself and allowing the principles to be hard-wired into my brain, I have to say it is incredibly effective.

While what he teaches are simple and easy to implement, it is amazing how most guys (including myself) don’t know how effective the subtle effects of body language can be.

Not only does he show how to use body language to create uncontrollable attraction in women, he goes into great detail on reading female body language so you never are making a move to soon, or not making a move when she is wanting you to go for it.

It makes sense though, you make a move to soon, she will see you as desperate. If you make your move to late, she will see this as a signal of disinterest and move on.

He will show you when to escalate and exactly how to do it to generate the absolute maximum amount of attraction.

What Do You Get When You Order The Kinetic Attraction Method?

You get full access to Adam’s private training event with hour of video content where he shows you exactly how to use the Kinetic Attraction principles to generate red hot attraction with even the hottest (and sometimes the coldest) women. This will give you full control and choice as to who you date, or even take home from the bar.

He also shows you how to take more than one woman home from the bar, allowing you to have threesomes, or even as in his case, how to date more than one woman at a time with zero risk of them being upset. In fact he will show you how to use one woman to attract and bring home a second woman to share with each other.

Now that is not exactly my thing, but I can certainly see the appeal.

Does The Kinetic Attraction System Work?

After having spent two full days going through all of the video training, I have to say it works incredibly well. It literally downloads his exact methods into your brain, almost like in the movie the Matrix where Neo learns karate and other skills, you will learn the skills needed to automatically display the primal attraction signals that women find irresistible.

Plus it is super easy to learn. If you can watch a video and occasionally take notes, you can learn and implement this system. It is that easy, and that enjoyable.

Unlike most training method, or online classes, watching him demonstrate his method on his two hot girlfriends is easy to watch and frankly the most helpful of any video training I have ever seen.

instant access

What I Didn’t Like About The Training

The only thing I can say bad about the program is it is rather long. I had to dedicate the better part of a full day to watch all of the videos. I reminded a few sections, but mostly was able to follow along and adopt the methods and principles he demonstrated.

So if you lack dedication to improving this part of your life, and are just looking for a magic pill, this program is not for you.

If you are willing to put in a little bit of effort, then this program is perfect for you.

My Personal Recommendation

Having dedicated myself to giving this method an honest try, and setting aside a whole day to watch and absorb all of the training, I have to say this program is life changing. I notice women around me are treating me differently. I will catch random women, who I normally would consider out of my league looking and even smiling at me… and with Adam’s training I have been able to do the correct things when they come up and talk to me. While I don’t want to become a player, this method is so powerful that I could easily date multiple attractive women. For now, I am just going to date the ones that I choose until I find one that is perfect for me… which should happen pretty soon at the rate I am getting attention from women.

If you choose to use this to date multiple women or even use it for three-somes, that is great – it’s just not my thing. But Adam will certainly show you how to do that if you are into that.

If you are like me and just want to date around and have zero risk of rejection while you meet lot’s of attractive, available women, then this program is perfect for you.

With all that said, I can confidently give it my highest recommendation.

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Spartagen XT Review, My Honest Opinion

Hey there! My name is Jason, and welcome to my honest review of Spartagen XT advanced testosterone support. Keep reading and you will see why this is the only testosterone boosting supplement that I can recommend.

spartagen xt boxWhile the market is flooded with similar testosterone boosting supplements, only a few have really stood out for me. I was almost ready to give up on finding the one I would want to use on a daily basis.

Luckily a reader of mine on another blog I run asked me if I had tried Spartagen XT, so I decided to check it out for myself.

I ran across a bunch of sites and videos that all seemed pretty low quality. In fact, it made me question whether the people providing the reviews even had the product, let alone use it enough to provide an unbiased, honest evalution
of the pros and cons.

That is the main reason, I added my own experience to this site. I want my readers to get the facts based upon my own real experience with Spartagen XT.

order spartagen xt

Once I did my own research into the actual ingredients and why they were chosen for this product, I knew I had to order my own supply and post my results.

The manufacturer, Edge Bioactives recommends you take 2 capsules a day, one at breakfast and one with dinner. You can also double the dosage for even more results.

I think Spartagen XT is only available online (I checked my local GNC and they didn’t carry it yet) for around $70, but if you buy larger quantities the discounts start to add up and it becomes very reasonable.

What Is Spartagen XT?

Spartagen XT is a natural testosterone boosting supplement, that provides the body with the vitamins, minerals and herb extracts that are shown to help the body create testosterone. It works by stimulating the production of testosterone in the gonads, which then can be used by the body to restore healthy levels of energy, stamina, and libido.

I have seen other so-called review sites that claim that Spartagen XT doesn’t work, but they quickly recommend some other brand that is a competitor. So that seems kind of unbelievable. Of course, not all sites are like this, some even provide a pretty thorough and honest review, so it’s OK to trust sites like that. In fact here is one I actually read before I order it myself: What Is Spartagen XT? What I really liked about that site, is it also had a bunch of scientific articles which back up the claims made by the manufacturer of Spartagen XT… in fact this is one of my favorites: What Are Glycoproteins Supposed To Do? So feel free to visit that site, but please come back here and finish reading my thoughts.

Upon further inspection, you start to see that they say that about all the other competitors and are always promoting their brand… so be careful what you read and who you trust. I would only buy after reading a review from someone who actually has it and has used it.

For that reason, I am putting this picture of my Spartagen Xt bottles taken in my home, and of course labeled with this website, so you know I at least have it (unlike most of the other sites I’ve found):
spartagen xt bottles

order spartagen xt

Here is another video talking about this guys experience with Spartagen XT:

What Are The Ingredients In Spartagen XT?

The ingredients below work in harmony to boost sex drive, increase free testosterone and promote stamina.

Vitamin D – 4000UI
Vitamin E – 80UI
Vitamin B6 – 12mg
Magnesium – 50mg
Zinc – 30mg
Proprietary Testosterone Stack – 290mg
– Tongkat Ali Extract
– Tribulus Extract
Proprietary Sex Drive Activation Matrix – 440mg
– Asian Ginseng Extract
– Maca Root
Chrysin -80mg

The main benefits of taking Spartagen Xt is that the combination of these high-quality ingredients will enable the body to optimize hormone levels, increase natural testosterone and improve energy, stamina, and libido.

How Does Spartagen XT Work

Spartagen XT works by using natural herb extracts, vitamins, and minerals to increase the amount of free testosterone in your body, while inhibiting the conversion of this same hormone to estrogen.

This, in turn, will increase the amount of lean muscle mass, along with an increase stamina, endurance, and even libido. Which are all great things if you are a man.

This is great if you are getting older and starting to slow down in all areas and will give you that extra kick you are looking for to feel and act young again.

What I Like About Sartagen XT

  • The ingredients in Spartagen XT are all natural and have been proven to work individually, substantiating the product makers claims.
  • After taking it for a few weeks, I definitely feel an increase in my energy and stamina.
  • I do workout, and have noticed a bump in my strength level while working out.
  • I feel and look leaner and am losing the fat around my abdomen.
  • My libido has improved, and I am more interested in being intimate with my wife.
  • There is a 60 day, money back guarantee.

What I Don’t Like About Spartagen XT

  • It has a lot hyped up advertising in the videos I’ve seen (not sure that is necessary).
  • It is more expensive than other brands I’ve tried (but those didn’t work as well).
  • It took a couple of weeks for me to see and feel the results.

My Final Thoughts and Recommendation

While there are cheaper alternatives, but when it comes to stuff I am putting in my body, I am not always looking for the cheapest solution. The high-quality ingredients and the fact that it actually worked for me make it easy to recommend this product for anyone seeking a boost in their testosterone levels.

The corresponding increase in stamina, improved energy and a boost in libido provided exactly what I was looking for when I started this journey. Spartagen XT is just that, and that is why I recommend you try it for yourself.

Click Here To Buy Spartagen XT
order spartagen xt

Review by Jason Macks
Rating: 9.7 out of 10
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Unlock Her Legs Review

Short blog post today, but I wanted to share this video about Bobby Rio’s program called Unlock Her Legs:

Unlock Her Legs

Welcome To 360 Thumbs

This site is all about guy stuff. So if you are a guy and you like guy stuff, you’ve come to the right place.

First off, thanks for stopping by and checking us out. We will be talking about all the stuff that makes guys, guys.

Now, I don’t expect to take you on this journey alone so I am going to be inviting some of the top experts I’ve found to share their tips, secrets and in some cases their products to help you during this evolution.

So expect to learn how to meet more women, become more interesting and ultimately become the guy you always wanted to be.

Let’s start with this video which will show you a review of the girlfriend activation system by Christian Hudson.

I also plan on writing a full review of Spartagen XT soon, so look for that.

One thing that I’ve been asked, after having used Spartagen myself, is how does Red Ginseng actually work. So I did some research. Let me present:

Yes, Red Ginseng Does Do the Job!

Aside from enhancing sexual performance and alleviating erectile dysfunction, red ginseng has also been shown to increase sperm count in both male rats and humans. It also increased the sperm’s ability to fertilize eggs and its movement.

It is commonly known that a high amount of stress also often triggers a low libido and in some cases, has been known to trigger low testosterone levels. As a result, it has been theorized that red ginseng may also have a secondary role in alleviating stress. It is believed that its ingredient, ginsenoside plays a role is similar to both male testosterone and female estrogen. As a result, it is often called the King of the herbs. Though, arguably, it’s more like the Jack of All Trades of the herb world.

So, could red ginseng be a natural substitute for Viagra? The short answer is yes. Like many herbs, it is effective for multiple functions, including regulation of diabetes. However, it is definitely the most well-known for boosting testosterone in men, improving their performance levels and increasing sperm count. If you’re happy, then your partner tends to be as well. We know that a good ol’ boost to the testosterone is often all it takes in older males in order for them to improve their sexual performance, alleviate erectile dysfunction and increase sperm count. Without the right amount of testosterone, the male libido has been known to decrease to almost zilch in some cases. And without your libido, you simply won’t be motivated to respond to your partner or to be sexual in the first place.

Will it ever completely eliminate the need for Viagra? Probably not. Red ginseng is not for everyone, especially those who have hypertension and certain other medical conditions. As a result, it is always best to check with a doctor, pharmacist or a naturopath (a doctor who blends herbs with traditional medications) before you decide to treat yourself with red ginseng.

For now, check out this site, it ROCKS for guys.