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Let’s start with this video which will show you a review of the girlfriend activation system by Christian Hudson.

I also plan on writing a full review of Spartagen XT soon, so look for that.

One thing that I’ve been asked, after having used Spartagen myself, is how does Red Ginseng actually work. So I did some research. Let me present:

Yes, Red Ginseng Does Do the Job!

Aside from enhancing sexual performance and alleviating erectile dysfunction, red ginseng has also been shown to increase sperm count in both male rats and humans. It also increased the sperm’s ability to fertilize eggs and its movement.

It is commonly known that a high amount of stress also often triggers a low libido and in some cases, has been known to trigger low testosterone levels. As a result, it has been theorized that red ginseng may also have a secondary role in alleviating stress. It is believed that its ingredient, ginsenoside plays a role is similar to both male testosterone and female estrogen. As a result, it is often called the King of the herbs. Though, arguably, it’s more like the Jack of All Trades of the herb world.

So, could red ginseng be a natural substitute for Viagra? The short answer is yes. Like many herbs, it is effective for multiple functions, including regulation of diabetes. However, it is definitely the most well-known for boosting testosterone in men, improving their performance levels and increasing sperm count. If you’re happy, then your partner tends to be as well. We know that a good ol’ boost to the testosterone is often all it takes in older males in order for them to improve their sexual performance, alleviate erectile dysfunction and increase sperm count. Without the right amount of testosterone, the male libido has been known to decrease to almost zilch in some cases. And without your libido, you simply won’t be motivated to respond to your partner or to be sexual in the first place.

Will it ever completely eliminate the need for Viagra? Probably not. Red ginseng is not for everyone, especially those who have hypertension and certain other medical conditions. As a result, it is always best to check with a doctor, pharmacist or a naturopath (a doctor who blends herbs with traditional medications) before you decide to treat yourself with red ginseng.

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